How to apply minor PP to SOOC Jpegs and understanding its effects on image degradation ?

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
CAcreeks Forum Pro • Posts: 12,825
My advice: download GIMP

Ketan Buch wrote:

I have a P&S ( Sony H70) and I mainly adjust Contrast or sometimes color saturation on SOOC jpegs ( using Microsoft Picture Manager) and find that the size of images gets reduced e.g from say 6.68 MB to say 5.7 MB or lower depending on PP. Adjusting contrast really makes the image punchier.

GIMP has a feature "save with original JPEG settings" that greatly reduces the problem of re-artifacting at different settings.

Unfortunately it is a bit complicated, like Photoshop. But contrast is easy to adjust with Image > Brightness/Contrast.

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