how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

Honestly I've never had that question.  My typical reactions received when shooting with the NEX vary between the following:

1. They completely ignore me and take no notice of the camera at all - 80%

2. They ask what camera it is - I tell them Sony NEX - and that's all they really wanted to know - 10%

3. They ask what camera it is - I tell them Sony NEX, they ask which model, how do I like it, or want to know more about it.  Some are surprised to find out the lenses are interchangeable, others already know.  Some are surprised when they find out the sensor is APS-C, others already know.  Most want to know how it focuses, the quality, whether it can handle high ISO, what the EVF looks like to shoot with, etc. - 10%.

Most of the folks that are in any way interested or ask about the camera seem to have heard of it somehow - and want to know more about it.  Some of those folks have seen me shooting with a DSLR, so some already know I have one - that might be the reason they don't ask such a question.  Others are interested in going through all the details about the NEX, and never ask me about how it compares to a DSLR - usually I end up volunteering that I also shoot with a DSLR - it's useful in conversation to explain the camera, because I can tell them 'I also shoot with a DSLR, and I can get the same quality with much more convenience out of this NEX, and can shoot about 90% of the same stuff just as well...but it's so much lighter and more portable even as a kit.'  Sometimes I have my DSLR with me too, so I can give them a visual comparison - two cameras with the identical sensor, but one so much smaller and lighter than the other - I can fit my NEX body and 7 lenses in 1/3 the footprint of my DSLR and 7 lenses, and easily 1/3 the weight.

The most I've been asked in relation to DSLRs is 'So why do I keep the DSLR when the NEX is just as good', so I explain the superior ergonomics and controls for action/wildlife shooting, as well as the advantages I get out of an optical viewfinder, larger buffer, much higher battery life, and better control with long lenses handheld, when shooting birds in flight, panning and tracking, etc.  I explain that I can also shoot much of this stuff with the NEX, but it's not quite as easy, not quite as ergonomic, and runs into limitations like the buffer size and panning stagger - so for me, it's still best to keep both systems in my arsenal as very good compliments to eachother.

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