Does the kit 18-55 lens really suck? A rough-and-ready investigation.

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Jim Radcliffe
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I have been found out!

afterswish1 wrote:

I just thought I should point a few things: first off, I haven't yet said whether or not I share the low opinion of the kit lens I referred to in the thread title.

Another thing is: please ignore Jim. I came across his website prior to purchasing the K5, and have been a regular visitor there since doing so. For this reason I can say with full confidence that he's not just using cameras, lenses and light to create photos like the rest of us. There is some wizardry involved too, and I'm not necessarily referring to technical things, more the Harry Potter kind of magic

Fairy Dust... does the trick every time.  Just don't get it on the sensor.. a little pinch of the stuff thrown in the general direction of your subject does wonders.  Seriously, a little patience and knowledge goes a long way when working with kit lenses.  They'll never equal a DA* but they can perform quite respectfully once you know them well.

Go check out his site yourself and you'll see what I mean. That he allegedly took those shots posted in this thread with the kit lens is a prime and damning piece of evidence. Go back a few hundred years Jim and you'd have been burnt or drowned for this kind of thing!

I have been Flamed (Modern Day version of being burnt at the stake) by people who did not believe I took certain photos with certain lens and camera combinations.  Most have asked "What Sorcery Is This?" prior to accusing me of undisclosed lies, deceptions and treachery not to mention use of the black arts.

Finally, I didn't envisage this thread as being of much interest to experienced photographers, unless they have some kit lens shots to share. The point being that such people already have a good idea of its abilities, and wouldn't be caught in the various newbie dilemmas of 'kit 18-55 or 40mm XS?', '17-70 worth the extra $$?' etc.

I have both the 18-135 and the 50-200mm kit lenses in my bag along with three Ltds and two DA*s.   I use them all.   Both of the kit lenses can be made to perform well just by stopping down a bit.   My only regret about the purchase of the 50-200mm is that I should have spent a little more money and bought the Pentax smc Pentax-DA 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 ED SDM Lens instead.  Live and learn.

As for experienced photographers not taking part in threads such as this... I have found I can always learn, even from those less experienced than I.... AND... I never know if someone I help in some small way will not be the one to help me in a big way in the future.

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