Few Basic Beginner Questions for my T4i

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Re: Few Basic Beginner Questions for my T4i

Eldorren wrote:

Hey guys, I recently discovered after 38yrs that I love photography and just never actually knew it! Anyway, I've bought all the following: Canon T4i, 18-55 lens, 18-135 lens, 40mm pancake, variety of filters (Really digging IR photography and CPL for outdoor photography, those are main two), tripod, LowePro daypack that I can hike and store camera in.

My interests at the moment... 1) Learning basic photography skills, settings, f, shutter speeds, ISO, all the stuff that most of you know without thinking when you look at a shot whereas I just take several and analyze them to see the difference. 2) Low light photography and video 3) IR photography and long exposures (moving water, night shots, etc..) with manipulation of the photo in editing software.


1) Do most of you recommend starting out with the Creative modes or auto modes on the camera or should I start using manual mode more often? I mean, once you are used to a camera, do you always use manual or do you feel comfortable using auto? I'm not sure what to focus on and don't want to overwhelm myself too early.

2) RAW vs JPEG? I've read several articles on here and elsewhere but should I stick with one or the other? I am currently taking both and not sure what to do yet. The JPEGs are fine for most of my photos but when I manipulate, I use the RAW. I suppose at the moment, I was just planning on using RAW for the IR photos and JPEG for everything else because I don't think I'm at the point yet where I'd want to adjust and post process every single photo that I'm taking. Bad idea? Does everyone use RAW?

3) Photo editing software? I'm currently just using Aperture and I own a Mac. I'm familiar with Photoshop but I also have a Mac product called Pixelmator. I'm assuming I won't be able to escape using Photoshop, but is Aperture ok to use as primary photo editing and album organization, etc.. ? It seems fairly well supported and feature rich, at least for a newb like me.

4) Where do you guys store most of your photography? I have a macbook pro retina and the SSD hard drive is going to fill up quickly at the rate I'm going. Do you guys connect an external drive and leave most of your photography there? I'm thinking of buying a thunderbolt external drive for that reason but wanted to see what everyone was doing.

Thanks in advance! I've found that I can read that manual thing a million times but learn the most by just taking shots with different settings and then analyzing it in aperture and looking at the settings that I used and what it did to each shot. Anyway, having a blast. I'm sorry I didn't discover this sooner but oh well.

Thanks in advance!


you can start out with jpg but shooting in RAW will offer more flexibility with processing images.  The free Canon DPP is good however programs like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, GIMP, etc. are better because you can use layers, filters and plug-in modules.

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