Flash photography - freeze action on trampoline?

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Re: Results.

MikeNannie wrote:

Here are some of the images from this project. Overall, I think they came out pretty good. If I was doing it over again, I'd use a lower ISO, these are at ISO 800, and I'd be a little more careful with the flash stand placement. I'd also lower the power of the flash. I had the flash (Minolta 5600 HS) on manual and set to 1/4 power. On some of the images, I had to reduce the highlights on the faces and add some more exposure to the lower part of the images. If I had another flash, I think I could have had better lighting on the subjects. I wanted enough light to freeze the kids in flight, but not too much that it blows the highlights.

The color balance was also a challenge because I had a blend of florescent and flash lighting the images. I shot in raw and was able to correct the colors somewhat in LR. The other problem was the wall color bleeding through the sheets. My next task is to try to extract the kids from the white background.

I'd appreciate comments and suggestions on how I might have improved these results.

Thanks to everyone for their input on this assignment - much appreciated!

As long as you are happy with the results! The samples you have posted look nice. Especially the girls, but the boy still cracks me up when I see that image!

Color balance: how about measuring off of the white top in the last image (initially I would have suggested the backdrop, but I guess you thought of that)? If you get a good result you should be able to transfer the WB to the other images.

I have never worked in a studio, so take this as a stupid question: I see from your set up that you had your flash pointing towards your subjects going through the umbrella.  How about reversing it, I mean turn it around, point the flash away from the subject but into the umbrella?  I guess a reflector would have done a better job, but with full power on the flash?


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