Koch attacks Climate science

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Re: Reassess your own views

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Thos of you here who are obviously upste that i should challenge one of your billionaire's ways of afeecting public opinion will no doubt support another of your supper rich's attempts at undermining democracy.

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos has donated $100,000 in 2010 to oppose new initiative raising state income tax on the wealthiest residents of Washington State-including himself. No problem there is there?

So, now you have a problem with people donating money to a political fight that directly affects them?

That is what this is all about isn't it?

Some people have money and spend it as they see fit.

Oh Dear! Some Thing Must Be Done!

So corruption and bribery are fine with you (that´s what it is). Unfortunately this view is not uncommon even among educated young Northern Americans, as i had to find out in a number of discussions.

Who is being corrupted? Who is being bribed?

It's all up front and in the news. No crimes, not even any immorality.

And is your problem now that you don´t believe in global warming even though the temperature on average rises way faster than it ever had or that you don´t know what to do to mitigate it?

I belive I have made myself clear on it, but because you have a intellectual impairment, I'll repeat my self;

Global warming is happening!

Neither money nor any other "action" will mitigate it.

I disagree.

If it´s the last - things that should be done were suggested here dozends of times.

Sorry I misssed them, care to recap one or two?

Good, care to elaborate on what to do, and how much we need to spend?

Just parroting "reduce greenhouse gas emissions" is neither a plan nor an estimae of cost.

It has however, become ratther the "responsorial chant" of the Some Thing Must BE Done! Faithful.

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