which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

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Re: which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

Muus wrote:

David Hardaway wrote:

I am using the bundled software Silkypix version 3xxx

I open the the image in Silkypix default settings nothing changed except under sharpening I select MAX Demosaic, then in development parameters I leave everything as default and then increase unsharp mask to 100% (max is 500%). then I export to TIF and import to Lightroom. Silkypix can do this as batch as well. Very fast and simple

One question David, in Silkypix export development window, where you increase unsharp mask to 100%, what are your settings for radius and threshold?

Cliique Development from the menu at the top of screen; then clique Development again from the dropdown list, there are three (3) sliders, Amount (0-500), Radius (0.0-5.0), and Threshold (0-255). Also, clique Help and View Software Manual, Search (Unsharp Mask) for detailed explanation of settings.

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