which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

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Re: which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

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As anyone used this http://www.oloneo.com/ it has support now for X-pro, on sale for $59.00.

Oloneo PhotoEngine has a DCRAW algorithm. Here's my comparison of RFC-EX and OPE for the same image (DPR Streetcar scene):

==> RFC-EX vs. OPE

Clique the slide and view slideshow in full screen. Typical DCRAW X Trans artifacts appear as blue dots in the letter "W" in the last slide (

Was this the latest version of Oloneo that supports x trans sensor? I did see the difference thank you.

Yes.  2013-01-25: Release of new version 1.1.400.349; now includes Fujifilm: X-E1, XF1, F800EXR.  OPE has opened X Pro1 files for some time now, since ca. July 2012.

The DCRAW artifacts (dots) were discovered by baobob here:

==> Artefact issue with Helicon filter

The image from link above (DPR X Pro1, sample DSCF9391.RAF ISO800 ) has the same artifacts (orange dots) as produced by Helicon when opened with OPE and DCRAW.

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