Replacement for Sony F717

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Re: Replacement for Sony F717

I used my 717 for macro photography of watches in a light chamber until about two weeks ago whenI replaced it with my HS-10.

The tilting large screen is sooo much easier to use than the Sony 717 screen.  The HS-10 has the same 58mm lens screw mount and I use a polarizing filter and a Roxio close up lens I bought for my 717.

With the right distance yo can use its 30: zoom with very little shift in camera distance. If will cover a full necklace at wide and a close up of a single small stone at max zoom.

If you are buying new go with the HS-25.  Its very cheap and it takes a very inexpensive ac adaptor so you can turn it on and off.  These are the same form factor and support a remote release which I still miss from my 717 set up.

I use flash for must of my shots since the watches I often photograph are running.

I also shoot moistly in raw so I can get the full dynamic range.

I alo recommended the HS 20 to an auction house I work for and they love it, but they shoo JPEG.  The HS-30 and 25 were not out at the time.

HS-30 are being closed out and it's hard to get more performance for your money and it will give professional results for all but billboard or art museum size prints.  It is massive overkill for on-line ads and print catalogs.

It took me several days to get the settings figure out and at first I thought about putting back my 717 but once I got the lighting and settings right it is way better.

The HS 10 25 and 30 are also great travel and family photo cameras.

My watch photso are published in peer reviewed collector journals and so far they were all taken with my 717 but from now on I will be using my HS-10.  I retired it to this applicaiton when I bought an HS-30 for travel. IF you are buying new go for the HS-25 or HS-30 if it has an Ac adaptor.

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