Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

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Re: Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

amtberg wrote:

Mostly for indoor videos: are you talking about available light, or will you have video lights on hand? If it's available light then I would not recommend any of the slowish zoom lenses that people are recommending. That'll push you into high ISO territory which will degrade your footage. I'd instead recommend the two-lens Sigma solution that some have recommended. I'd also recommend using a tripod (even if you have IS).

Amtberg, Thank you so much. A friend on another forum who has experience with GH's, Sigma, and videos also suggested the same thing when I asked him to choose between 14-45 and the Sigmas for my budget level.

Considering I am getting strong advice in both directions, I will go with the speed for video purposes (Sigma) and as it is the cheaper one, if that was a mistake, it will be a cheaper mistake. In months' time, I will be looking into a dedicated Panasonic good lens in all cases.

Thank you all.

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