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kelpdiver wrote:

VirtualMirage wrote:

There is more than just warranty as a differentiator between the two drives.

It is the most significant one from a marketing perspective. Surely you don't suggest that the 5 years versus one is a reflection of their reliability? All drives had warranties of 3-5 years not that long ago, and then it suddenly shrank on many. The drives didn't change. But the price many consumers were willing to pay did drop, so one lost most of its warranty (unless you pay a surcharge for it - probably the cheapest solution for the poster here who is highly interested in the longer term warranty)

The greens have an advantage over the 7200s in that they run cooler, and at a significant advantage on power draw (save vs the 2.5" Velicerators) I've used many on a 7x24 basis and once you've filtered out the (alarmingly high these days) infant mortality cases, they continue to run as well as anything else.

It is not simply the duration of the warranty that I have been nudged into buying WD Blacks. As I have said in a couple of posts, it is the good experience I've had with the way a suspect drive has been dealt with by WD support. MUCH better experiences than I have had with other companies.

1) I contact them with a brief summary of what SMART says: mainly so many sectors, not yet above threshold but increasing over time.

2) They give me an RMA and I give them a credit card number.

3) They place a hold on the card for the cost of a replacement and send me quickly that replacement in packaging that I can reuse to return it. I get to install the new drive in the same box with the failing drive to transfer data quickly drive to drive (in cases where data correction is still working according to SMART).

4) I get a return label to print out, tape on the package containing the failing drive and drop it off at a shipping site a few blocks away.

5) When they get the drive they cancel the hold and they change their online expiration date of the new drive to the end of my original 5 year period.

The cost in time and effort for me is not negligible but it is way, way, MUCH better than the inconvenient and costly warranty processes I've gone through a number of times for other drive manufacturers who have now been rolled into several new companies--some more than once.

Again, maybe Seagate or whoever has such a convenient and cost-effective way to handle their 1 or 2 year warranties.


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