Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

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Re: Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

ryan2007 wrote:

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I posted before asking about the GH2 settings and whether it is more functional for me to get the GH3 due to my discomfort with the shutter noise and the quality of stills from the camera out of the box.

I made up my mind and returned the GH2 and placed an order on the GH3 body only--will receive in less than a week from local store branch in neighbor city.

Until I can afford collecting professional lenses as I need and depending on my experiments, I am looking for a starter lens that works with the GH3, producing decent quality images and videos (mainly for indoors interviews for my school projects) that is between $200-300 ---or less :)... Any recommendations? Is there such a thing? Would I loose AF or other features?



as long as you do not zoom with a variable aperture zoom lens while actively shooting video you will be fine. You can do it, but their is a chance you will see the image flicker on play back. Essentially you are changing exposure with a variable aperture lens if you zoom while recording. So pick a focal length and stick to it. Stop recording if you can and restart. Or just don't zoom. You should consider buying an external mic at minimum for video needs.

Ryan2007, thanks for the useful tips. I will avoid zooming for now and certainly will use a tripod. And thanks for reminding me of the mic. I will post a separate question about that by the way

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