Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

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Re: Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

gtravis wrote:

motionfull wrote:

gtravis wrote:

Panasonic 14-45 (not 14-42).

No brainer.

Gtravis, I like the enthusiasm. I need that! So, I asked almost everyone here and waiting replies: Would you recommend the Panasonic 14-45 over the Sigma 19mm/f2.8? It's down to these for me so far.

i don't own the Sigma so can comment on it (I do have it on order). But my thought is the 14-45 is going to be both sharper AND much more versatile, covering all of 14-45mm.

the 14-45 was the first m4/3rds lens I owned and I now have a collection of half a dozen or so, including a $1200 Leica 4/3rds (not the panleica m4/3rds (but I have that lens, too)) lens, arguably the best prime lens ever made for micro or original 4/3rds and the 14-45 is very nearly its equal in IQ

i continue to be amazed at just how good a lens the 14-45 is, considering its price and "kit" lens status. Its only drawback is the smallish aperture which all but rules it out for indoor flashless photography (which is where the other six lenses come in to cover). Outside, in daylight, there isn't a lens in my collection that can beat it for IQ and versatility. The 20mm panny, 25mm panleica and leica, lenses have a slight edge in overall IQ and speed but are nowhere as versatile as a zoom.

as my lens collection grew over the years, a distinct pattern emerged and that was the 25mm leica or later panleica on inside and the 14-45 on outside. The others just sat at home gathering dust. As i spend more and more on lenses, the pattern does mot seem to be changing. And I just bought the $1200 12-35 lens. Its faster than the 14-45 but has no advantage (other than weather sealing) over the 14-45. Its IQ may even be worse.

i can't say enough about what a truly great lens it is. And at the price for which it sells, it is nothing short of breathtaking in terms of value

Gtravis, thanks again for sharing your long experience insight! Appreciated. I am very close to making up my decision.

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