D600 multiple exposure

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Duncan C Veteran Member • Posts: 7,669
Confirm: D600 only does 3 exposures, but why not combine in post?

FEF wrote:

You are limited to three shots in one multiple exposure frame.


I just checked my D600 manual AND tried it, and the max is 3 exposures. I still don't understand why you would use in-camera multiple exposure vs. doing it in post. You have much more control if you blend the images in your computer. You can balance the amount each image contributes to the final exposure, you can dodge and burn different parts of both images, you can apply masking, you can shift, stretch, change blending modes, apply color filters, etc, etc.

With in-camera multiple exposures, you get one chance, and the original images are lost.

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