The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

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This post is for Shamatt regarding PP time ...

Moti wrote:

Shamatt wrote:

I still don't see the attraction of RAW.

If I go on holiday and take 500 sots (As I easily do) It would take weeks and weeks to process them all in to jpg's. I can't see how people do this?

It s just a matter of having the right skills and an efficient workflow. With programs such as Lightroom, a basic processing and conversion of 500 photos, takes usually less than one day.


This post is for Shamatt

If one has LR presets (for your own personal tastes) LR will batch process 500 RAWs in less than an hour (my guess). Then export to JPG probably another 30 minutes. However, in both cases, you can sit around and drink coffee or watch TV.

Of course if a keeper is massively off WB, you can fix it. Even if exposure is off 1 or 2 EV, it can be saved in LR.

On the other hand, if prior to shooting, you set: (1) exposure dead on, (2) WB dead on, (3) composition dead on, then OOC JPGs are just as good. (good luck with this if you are frantically shooting moving subjects)

It is sort of "pay me now or pay me later". Either you spend more time when shooting to get everything perfect or spend time PP to make adjustments. However, if you are shooting a frantic situation, time for tweaking is limited. (I only worry about getting the focus right -- no help in PP for mis-focus)

my 0.02 (but I enjoy the LR PP)

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