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Laurence Matson
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Re: Where is the advice? In the signature... ...try PanoramaStudio Pro to widen Your horizon!


I really think you are misunderstanding me and blowing something completely out of proportion.

I interpreted from your original post that you had your thoughts (advice) about different pano software packages somewhere in your gallery. I looked for that and could not find it. So I asked: "Where is the advice?" That is all. End of story.

I don't doubt that you tried that software and many others. I don't doubt that you got good results from Panorama Pro. (Although, it is a little hard to really see how good or bad it is from the small pano posted.)

If I were to dispute (Konjunktiv II) anything, it is your claim that all of the other programs produce panos with artifacts. That has not been my experience. My experience is that each package has some real strengths, and I play to that depending on what I am trying to do. Some produce artifacts, but are great for handling really huge files. And certainly, ICE would not be my first or even last choice for a pano, which is what you were responding to.

I have not used Panorama Pro in ages, so I downloaded it to try again.

LG (wirklich)


Usee wrote:

...have You a link to a free trial version of the Panorama Pro version You mean, so that I can see, wether I already tried this version and more important - that the thread starter can test it?

...remember, I don't asked for that advice because I already bought PanoramaStudio Pro and I am satisfied with it - however, I appreciate valid suggestions...

...I just gave the (wanted) advice to test the mentioned software by himself, because I was most satisfied with it in my test - If I would have the need to perform a test today with the latest versions and additional software choices on different targets, I would do it - but I don't have the need - however, the thread starter seems to have that need, so You probably should give him Your advice / suggestions.

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