D5200 Autofocus Issue?

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Re: D5200 Autofocus Issue?

JDThomas wrote:

Before I jumped all over pocket-lint.com's obviously bad testing techniques and possible lack of technical expertise of their staff when it comes to photography I decided to give it a test.

I have NOT been able to reproduce any of their findings. Quite the opposite actually. The D5200 images are on par with my D600.

I ran a bunch of tests using long exposures and a variety of lenses with Phase-detect AF. Tack sharp. Every single time.

You can check out my results here:


I didn't bother to go too far in-depth because it just wasn't a real issue. My best guess is that pocket-lint staff are bad photographers or they were creating a hot-button issue to try to drive traffic to their site. Probably a little of both.

JD...hows the 6400 iso for you ?  that's where I'm often forced to shoot.  ie. 6400, 2.8, 1/50.  thx.

And ...in relation to the previous cams...ie. D7k.

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