Film vs D800E

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Re: Film vs D800E

Daniel Lauring wrote:

I recall reading Ilford B&W has about 14 stops, which does beat the best digital but Tri-X has even more...something like 18 stops! Compared to color, however, digital is better than the best film. I wonder if they built a digital B&W sensor if it would likewise be superior to film?

Not only would that be awesome, but would be somewhere in the range of 3 times the sharpness and resolution because the sensor would not need the Bayer interpolation of color sensors.

Most probably, it would be much faster frame rate than ever imagined possible, due to much smaller files. Vintage lenses would be in strong demand.

Then they could go farther and have in-camera simulation of various classic films and papers.

I would buy one for sure.

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