Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Barrie Davis
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UPDATE: 200mm lens on full frame.

Barrie Davis wrote:

Do the math. A 25cm tall head shot at 200mm means you are only 1.39m from your target.

That would suggest that your zoom is not yielding anything LIKE a full 200mm at that working distance. Have you tried shooting headshots with an actual 200mm PRIME lens?

UPDATE: It happens that I have a prime lens of 200m in the house at this time. (It is on loan to my son in case he wants to buy it.)

I have tried it out with my wife as model, framed as your shot below. I could NOT frame as loose as your shot below from a distance of 3 metres, but had to move back to more than four, nearly five metres.

This supports my contention that your "200mm," like may zooms, is much shorter than nominal longest when focused close.

I don't know how that accords with your maths, but mine was a practical test.

200mm on APS-c:

Your choice, not mine... (see below)

You can't see the flattening, can you? Hmmm....

To me it is excessive.... but I have noticed over the years, people have been shooting headshots with longer and yet longer lenses. Somehow they are able to 'tune out' the flattening from their perceptions, to the point where grown womens' noses are shrunk 'till they all look like two year olds... (see above)..

It has to be said, if you like this "kiddi-fication" of adults, and find it appealing, I'm afraid I don't.

Do you do it to men, as well?

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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