Picking the ideal aspect ratios and other questions related to aspect ratios

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Re: Multi-aspect ratio sensors do exist

Tom Axford wrote:

I notice that several postings (not yours) in this thread suggest that multi-aspect ratio sensors do not exist.

Below are a couple of quick photos taken with a Pansonic LX5 to prove that multi-aspect ratio is real. Both photos were taken from the same position on the same lens setting, one with 4:3 aspect ratio and the other with 16:9.

Notice that neither is simply a crop of the other. The 4:3 contains extra parts of the image at the top and bottom that are not visible in the 16:9 (as you would expect). However, the 16:9 contains extra parts of the image on the extreme left and extreme right that are not visible in the 4:3 (which would not happen if it was a simple crop of the 4:3 image).

Sorry, but the brick wall was the first thing that came to hand. You may need to count the bricks in a particular row to see what I am getting at. The second image covers a slightly wider angle (horizontally) than the first.


Thanks a lot for the post. If you have time later, I'd appreciate if you can show another example and please post the focal length that you used!

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