Controlling Aperture on legacy/other lenses

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Re: Controlling Aperture on legacy/other lenses


Great!  Thanks for the simple explanation, and the method to use  aperture priority, which I usually do.   I was thinking as an SLR user; when the lens is stopped down, the view darkens.  The wonders of modern technology.


Al Valentino wrote:

phototeacher wrote:

When you stop down the (non-Fuji) lens, does the view through the EVF or the back LCD darken, or does it remain bright? If it remains bright, is there a way to preview depth of field?

No. the EVD compensates for brightness but the live histogram shows what's what. I set the shutter speed to A for automatic which lets the camera adjust the shutter speed for proper exposure - so essentially this lets you shoot in aperture Priority Mode.

As for DOF, since you are manually controlling the aperture what you see is the DOF that you will get.

Bottom line, this works and works well.

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