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I'm considering trading in BOTH my Canon SX230 AND NEW SX50HS for a single, top IQ producing P&S to accompany my DSLR. Doesn't have to be a Canon. But does have to have a 5X (or 10X preferred) zoom.

Why not consider the S100 for well under $300 although it's a 5x

That's the problem with the "x" zoom nomenclature, it doesn't tell you the total range. The s100 is 24-100 and 5x and the G15 lens is 28-140 and is 5x too but you get 40mm less on the long end of the lens. And if a camera had 32mm on the short end it would be 160mm at the long end of a 5x zoom.

5 x 24 = 120 (the S100 has a 24-120mm equivalent lens).

So the OP need to state what he's looking for in a lens as far as on the short end and long end. A lot of camera users have little use for 24mm or even 28mm on the short end but would rather have more "reach" at the long end of the lens.

Usually when someone asks about a 5x or 10x they are thinking of the long end of the lens, not the short end.

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