Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

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Re: Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

One of the worst trends of the past decade has been over-simplification. Photography has become "democratized" (personally I prefer 'accessible') and everybody wants to learn how to create beautiful, communicative, "artistic" photographs. Of course, where there is demand there is supply. Thousands of books, workshops, DVDs and blog posts have been trying to address this issue, but only very few are of any use to me. You can't reduce "good photography" into a set of composition rules. In fact you cannot produce consistently good work without the visual literacy (another cliche, sorry), general education, set of morals and critical thinking which will make you a good citizen of the modern world. A good (rather than successful or popular) photographer needs a lot of technical, artistic and general knowledge, discipline and determination. However, none of it will work without singular motivation, something to say.

I try to follow these three simple rules:

1. Over-analysis kills art.

2. Popularity is over-rated.

3. Perfection is boring.

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