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Re: From someone who has both OMD and GH3

gtravis wrote:

richarddd wrote:

The 14x focus box is the smallest on the camera. If that's too big, I don't see a solution.

Is that the one you have to get to through an elaborate dance with pushing multiple buttons before each picture?

No. I push a single button to enter zoom-frame AF (and then stay there as long as I please).

Forgive me if there is an easier way -- I've read a lot of the stuff on here about getting a decently small focus box and I'm probably missing something,

Seems so. Let me know if you need further help.

but I haven't been able to get one as small as the smallest on the GH1/2/3 to pop up every time I hit the shutter. It seems to be a common issue based on the number of comments here about it.

The camera shouldn't override your focus point location, unless you've turned on face detection or the like.

No, double checked and face detection / etc. are definitely not on. Could it be that the camera automatically moves the focus point from the user's selection if it can't get a focus lock at that point (but can somewhere else?). I'll play a bit.

The focus point stays put where you left it. If it doesn't, it means you are accidentally using some control to move it.

If the processor is first showing the jpg, then its interpretation of the raw, the picture will suddenly look worse, reflecting Aperture's default raw settings for the camera. In LR (the processor I use), you could set up a preset to boost contrast and saturation on import, so that the image pops, then adjust from there. Can you do that in Aperture?

Yes, I am pretty sure you can. The subject makes me a bit grumpy however as I'd much rather be taking pictures than screwing with the raw processing defaults in Aperture / LR / Whatever. My philosophy, which doesn't appear to be shared by many and certainly not the photo processing software folks, is that the default RAW rendition out of a camera should be at least as good as the camera's own JPEG rendition. Just as a starting point.

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