The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

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Re: The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

Docno wrote:

Was out at a pub last night with some friends--man, does my head hurt today--and I took this shot just as the lighting system drenched us with dark purple-blue light. The photo looked unsalvageable when I loaded it on to my computer, but after a few minutes in ACR I achieved what I think is an 'acceptable' (given that it's a party snap, not high art). I tried doing the same thing with the default jpeg (using photoshop) and couldn't come close. Perhaps my PS skills need polishing.

Now some people have been saying that there's little to be gained from shooting Raw with the RX100. I'm not convinced, but I'm keeping an open mind. Anyway, here's the default JPEG (i.e., roughly what the camera would have produced as a JPEG) followed by what I managed to squeeze out from the RAW. Curious if anyone can achieve the same results using the 'blue' JPEG. [If you try, please specify what software and options/filters/etc you used to do it]. Let the learning begin!

If I'd been fussy, I could have masked out the window in the back so that it did not become shocking yellow

I ran the jpg through some PP in Qimage and then PS. Here's what I got (I spent about three minutes on it):

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