Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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Re: Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

First, thanks for the in-depth review. This is exactly the kind of information people come here for.

But a quick comment about the menu system. I've used both Panny and Oly cameras extensively, starting with the E-PL1 and G1. In my view the menu systems are equally useful, once you learn them. The problem, simply, is that the Oly system is very complex--relying on customization--so that it has a very steep learning curve. You really need to handle the camera for many months and tinker with the settings before it becomes intuitive. But once it has become intuitive, it's really quite simple, powerful, and best-yet: personalized.

The problem is that many reviewers handle an Oly camera for a week or so (or worse maybe a few days) and too-quickly conclude the menu system is unworkable. I can't count the many of times I've read this complaint in this and other forums. Please note I'm not accusing the OP of doing this.

Now there might indeed be virtue in a menu system that's intuitive--for example, for someone who uses his/her camera infrequently, and needs to 're-learn' how to use it each time--but for many enthusiasts this probably shouldn't be as important as usability once the system is learned.

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