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All Clear - Thanks!

I wasn't sure what you meant in your previous post - thanks for clarifying.

8 clicks is correct, or at least it matches my count. I've recently started using MySets, and I agree that it should be easier to switch between them. I'd love to see them on the Mode dial, since I don't use P, iAuto, ART or SCN. I believe that's how they're set up on the E-PL5. Would be outstanding if Oly included this in a firmware update for the E-M5.

On the other hand, and this is just for me, I usually don't need to change between MySets very often. I have one set up for deliberate shooting, one for 'pseudo focus peaking' (activated by pressing Fn1 in the deliberate shooting mode), one for higher speed people photography with face-detection enabled and one for higher speed general photography with face-detection disabled. I understand that this is different than your use of the MySets, and that you likely have the need to switch more often.

One last note - although it's at least 8 clicks to switch MySets, it's fortunately only 4 buttons in a pattern that's pretty easy to burn into muscle memory with some practice:

Menu -> Right -> Down -> Right -> Down (until you're on the MySet you want to enable) -> OK -> Down -> OK. Again, not arguing that this is optimal, by any means, but it's at least fortunate that it's a reasonably simple pattern of buttons, and is usually only one click per button.

Hopefully we'll see the MySets added to the Mode dial, though. That'd be primo.


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