How quickly can a photography business gain traction in a large city?

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We are in the pro forum, right?

So a photographer here who is trying to get paid by taking business away from another photographer (see below, too) would have a business plan, and that business plan would contain useful info.

INSTEAD OF TAKING BUSINESS AWAY FROM OTHER PHOTOGRAHERS: The other way to get busisiness as a photographer is to convince people to buy photography in the first place. Instead of having them move their business from Bob's Photo to MyPhotoCo, you convince someone to hiore you to do a project they had not thought about before.

You mention 400,000 popyulation, but your profile says Tampa, and a bit of Googling and some exerience driving in your part of the world tells me the population is over 3 million.

People in Clearwater and St. Petes and even Sarasota are potential clients.

Your message probably escaped your keyboard before you finishedwriting it, because you did not mention what it is you take photos of, and why? Bibycles on plain white backgrounds, or kids who go to private schools, or laser beams in high-tech manufacturing facilities or wedding of people who live a thousand miles and more away from the nice white beaches?

ANSWER TO ORIGINAL: The original question was time to gain traction. With proper promotion, a photographer shooting editorial style PR pictures for businesses around the world, concentrating on operations those businesses have in the Tampa Bay / south Florida area but also covering the whole state, wouldtake a year.

That's with proper promotion.

If the business plan says environmental portraits of individuals / families who pay out of their own pockets (i.e. not businesses), three months of good promotion (and good management of the business) would "gain traction."

Real photographers understand that what a photographer thinks is a good picture is not always what a client thinks is a good picture, and clients differ from each other. Grandmothers like sharp pictures of their grandchildren, unreal photographers like blurry pictures with one sharp eye.


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