The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

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RX100 jpegs obliterate fine details?

Veijo Vilva wrote:

RX100 JPEGs have one major limitation: it isn't possible to completely turn off the noise reduction, which even at the lowest in-camera setting can obliterate low level textures and delicate details.

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Obliterate? I would say this is a harsh word for such a good ipeg engine as the RX100's engine is in general. Maybe the Olympus XZ1 used to obliterate detail, the RX100 doesn't. Not in good light at least. At high ISOs I'm with you, as my own test convinced me of:

But at base/medium ISO I have yet to see a major improvement using RAW, without increasing fine grain in faces for example when compared to the OOC jeg. Yes in some cases when the fabric of a cloth is just at the right distance and right texture size, it can be just muddied by the jpeg engine and you can retrieve it with RAW, but as I said, you'll add a bit more grain. The way I see it you'd only need such fine detail if you want to crop a photo at about 100%. Then again you'd be noticing the grain too maybe at such magnification.

Please go ahead and show me that I'm wrong and that my RAW skills need improving!

Before you do that, have in mind that DPR agrees with this assessment as they note in the RX100 review. I quote:

"Running the (RX100 file) Raw file through Adobe Camera Raw doesn't offer much scope for improved results - it's hard to apply finer sharpening without emphasizing noise"

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