Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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Re: Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

rrr_hhh wrote:

I don't want the bracketing on the drive mode, like it was on the G1/3 because I couldn't use the timer at the same time as the bracketing.

Being able to set one thing with a dial and another with a menu seems easier than having to set two things with menus (assuming the drive mode dial isn't the only way to set bracketing and self-timer, which would be bad design).

It is not true that you have to dig deep into the menus with the E-M5 : the SCP is just as good as the Q.Menu and with the E-P3 Olympus has reorganized the menus which now make a lot more sense than the Panasonic for me. There are two things which Olympus could improve, it is the bracketing and the Mysets. The Mysets case has been solved with the E-Pl5, let's hope that the bracketing will be next. We just need to have it on the SCP where it could replace something like the color space.

The main items I'd like to see on the SCP are bracketing and mysets (preferably mysets I can label).  It would be nicer if the SCP were fully customizable, but those two things would go a long way.

Solving mysets is a higher priority for me, as I could then use mysets for bracketing.

Having many jpeg settings taking up the large portion of the SCP is annoying when you only shoot raw. The entire upper right corner is a waste, IMO.  I'd rather have the space available for settings I use.

Alas, from what people say it's not likely Olympus will fix the E-M5 firmware to add these features.

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