Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

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Re: Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

richarddd wrote:

amalric wrote:

BTW LL is not so lame: theirs is a devilishly interesting paper about Oriental landscape art:


I am sure most here know v. little about.

Chinese landscape painting is one of my favorite art forms. We were inspired to go to Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain, in China because the paintings were so beautiful. When you're at those mountains, you realize 700 year old essentially monochrome paintings are much more representational than you might have thought. Gorgeous area, with misty low lying clouds wonderfully contrasting craggy mountain rock.

I didn't think the article had anything original to say, but I could see how it would be interesting if you're not familiar with the subject.

19th century landscape painting is also worth studying. Things such as aerial perspective (distant items tend to have lower contrast, detail, saturation) and the play of light can be inspirational for landscape photography and processing.

I'm a frequent LL reader.

In fact I am reading about Japanese landscape painting at the moment, and I am also interested by Wabi Sabi - many are.

However I like the pragmatic LL approach, aerial perspective  being so distinctive in regards of linear perspective.

In fact I suspect many Chinese photogs. at flickr make use of pollution to increase the effect


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