how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

Tom Caldwell wrote:

kev777zero wrote:

being a 2+yr mirrorless shooter (and never used a DSLR), I often get comments like "nice photos, why don't you get a DSLR?" Sometimes I try explaining the sensor equivalence to most DSLRs therefore similar image quality (and then I get the "huh?" look), while other times I just get lazy and say DSLRs are too big. What might be the most sensible & informative way of explaining myself?

Kev, it reminds me of something similar that Ricoh owners get:

"What brand of camera is that?"

"A Ricoh"

"Oh" (puzzled look) Usually too stunned to ask the inevitable "why don't you get a proper camera?"

As a NEX owner talking to those that only know dslr cameras "as the best" you will understand those that are equally mystified on why anyone would want to use a Rioch. Most Ricoh owners have given up trying to explain why they use them. All crazy fools apparently.

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Tom Caldwell

I love my Ricoh............

Cheers, Bob´╗┐

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