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I almost got an OM-D, but there were two issues I couldn't live with. One of them was a "menu" thing. I do a lot of HDR photography and I need to frequently change the bracketing settings (none-3-5-7 shots). The OM-D put the bracketing settings deep down in the menu and that was one of the few settings they didn't allow on any of the function buttons. The GH cameras provide much easier access to the settings and the GH3 allows it to be on any of the function buttons. This issue may well get solved in a future firmware release.

As far as I can see, bracketing settings are in the "Rec" menu on the GH3 and in "Shooting menu 2" (the second topmost menu) on the E-M5. What's the difference in terms of menu "depth"?

You can have bracketing via a button on the E-M5 too by assigning it to a "myset" (custom configuration). This solution is slightly inconvenient at this time since you have to keep the button pressed to access a myset but it works reasonably well if you use the right button (Fn1, which you can hold with your thumb). On the other hand, there is no risk that you accidentally leave bracketing on. On the E-PM2 and E-PL5, you can use mysets via the mode dial and hopefully a similar solution will be made available on the E-M5 too via a FW update.

At any rate, this particular issue (availability of bracketing via a button) is not really a matter of the overall logic or simplicity of the menu system, is it?

When people talk about intuitive menu systems, I believe they usually mean it's easier to do things they want to do, rather than meaning that it's easier to find the path seven levels down in the menu on one camera rather than the other.

Turning the drive mode dial to bracket is much easier than holding a button (and when shooting on a tripod I'd rather not be touching the camera while the shutter is open). Almost no one thinks using a button for bracketing is a good idea (based on posts I've seen).

Regarding the risk of leaving bracketing on, compare an easily visible drive mode dial to a deep menu setting (if you use the menu rather than holding a button).

Olympus could close the gap with firmware changes, such as allowing the user to customize the SCP and, as you mention, to program the mode dial. Even adding bracketing to available drive functions on the SCP would help, given the frequency of bracketing complaints. I'd bet with these changes people would regard the E-M5 as much more intuitive.

I don't want the bracketing on the drive mode, like it was on the G1/3 because I couldn't use the timer at the same time as the bracketing.

It is not true that you have to dig deep into the menus with the E-M5 : the SCP is just as good as the Q.Menu and with the E-P3 Olympus has reorganized the menus which now make a lot more sense than the Panasonic for me. There are two things which Olympus could improve, it is the bracketing and the Mysets. The Mysets case has been solved with the E-Pl5, let's hope that the bracketing will be next. We just need to have it on the SCP where it could replace something like the color space.

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