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Re: propaganda trucks

rattymouse wrote:

shigzeo ? wrote:

Propaganda trucks.

These are in use here in Japan for Japanese nazis to hang from, shouting: "Go home you slimy Koreans!" and in Korea, for the anti-Japanese rallyers (who really have something realistic to argue) to cling to, shouting: "Go home you slimy Japanese!"

Racism and nationalism are alive and well in Asia.

By the way, any more trucks to hijack?

Interesting point you bring up. Back in the US, one always heres how racist the US is. One is led to believe that the US is one of THE most racist nations in the world. Of course, the US has a bad history with racism, but the level of improvement is enormous compared to that.

Yet here in Asia, ANYWHERE I go by myself to buy something, the price is inflated by 10 times or more because I'm white. I simply cannot go shopping for something without my wife because the price inflation is enormous.

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I don't know China at all. But Japan is far more racist than the US will ever be. So are many nations. The US just happens to be (for now) the centre of the world, hence it draws the most attention. Here, the population is 99,4% Japanese. I don't want to get into history, the erasing of history, the ignorance of history, or the current trend towards nazism, but the unfortunate truth is that Japan is probably going to get worse.

In the US, you have a nation essentially made up of immigrants. The discourses of race and racism are vital to the success and safety of the nation. In Japan, there is no such need. I've met few families that would ever allow a black person to marry their sons or daughters. Whites are generally lucky (for now) but only because the white nations that opened Japan up did so with superior technology and big guns. Japan were at first afraid, then surprised. They had to catch up. Hence the proliferation of Japanese copycat stuff in the last hundred years (and still today).

China suffered hugely at the hands of Japanese nationalists who were told that Chinese were no better than pigs and to kill them like pigs. That was an order from the highest members of the land. Apart from Nazi Germany, there has probably never been a country with a more racist recent history. Unlike Germany, however, Japan doesn't have to face issues of adapting to make others fit. This country speaks the same language, has the same background, about a half percent foreign population.

This rant was uncalled for, but I see so many of those black propaganda trucks around Tokyo, especially in the latter part of 2012. I have never thrown anything at them, but I did kick the tyres of one (then run away). The government strikes out 95% of the evil that Japan ever did, its leaders pray at the shrine where Japan's Hitlers are entombed, and its people complain about the dirty Chinese and Koreans, not to mention other nations who manage to squeak in.

There are a number of good, educated Japanese, but by and large, the population hasn't the education necessary to try to understand another culture, nor do they really care to. It is hard to get more insular. However, the blindness of the US system which thinks that it counts among the worst offenders, is a laugh.

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