AF micro-adjust likely anytime soon in other ('lower'?) models

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Re: AF micro-adjust likely anytime soon in other ('lower'?) models

The_Fat_Zebra wrote:

The reason I ask is that this year I plan to update my sony camera body which is pre-SLT. I do not need some of the features of the A77 like weather sealing, but would really like AF micro adjust (and the assist lamp too actually). For example, my 50 mm lens clearly front-focuses, which is annoying when shooting low-light portraits at 1.8 since that way the eyes will quite regularly not be in focus.

I am not really in a hurry to purchase a new camera, and could wait at least until summer. Hence I am wondering whether there are any discussions on having micro-adjust in a lower level model, or whether A77 is really the only option, and will be in the foreseeable future. That way I know that there is little point waiting, and just aim at the A77.

No one really knows what Sony will do but they does seem very keen on a model hierarchy with each camera up the scale having some more features than the next one down.

It could be argued they even remove features to reinforce this give the A57 that replaced the A55 lost the GPS.

So in my opinion based on this, don't hold your breath if you are expecting micro adjust in lower end models.  The A37/57 are pretty recent additions anyway so I don't expect they will be replaced soon in any case and not by summer.  You could end up waiting quite a time for updates to these models only to find they don't get micro-adjust anyway.

Given the price why not try a different 50mm lens (assuming you are talking about the Sony 50mm F1.8)?  You could sell your own if the new one was fiine and return the new one if not.

By the way you get far more features on an A77 over and above weather sealing and an AF assist lamp!

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