Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

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Re: Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

amalric wrote:

Heady questions aren't they? But these are the ones that must be asked by any photographer who wants to grow an understanding of their art and craft, and even of themselves. These are the questions that students and workshop attendees ask the most often, once they get beyond a fixation with the latest gear."

Interesting read, thanks for those links.

I'm still at the stage where I'd like to say that I've even made one brilliant image, or even a  very good one.

I will say something about gear though.  I enjoy looking at the mobile phone and apps groups on flickr.  There's a lot of creativity there, it's like no one has told them the rules and you get some interesting images as a result.  A lot of photos you see elsewhere are just a variation on what someone else has already done.  Well, it is a bit difficult to come up with something original when every man and his dog has a camera.

But in defence of the gear heads, gear is important.  Sure, a good photographer can photograph a wedding with his iPhone, it's been done.  But in the end, gear shouldn't get in your way, it shouldn't be a hindrance to your art.  I attended a guitar class some years ago, the instructor brought to our attention the need to have a good instrument, it makes it easier to make music, you don't have to fight the guitar.  It's a similar story with photography.  You need good gear.  And besides, it gives us average photographers a way to look good.


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