Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

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Re: Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

JamieTux wrote:

Maybe I'm just spoiled (or biased) by having a landscape photographer for a father (http://www.t2landscapes.co.uk/p13119098).

Either way I find most of the images posted on LL very uninspiring - their rules may be good - and Michael seems to know what he is talking about regarding cameras and photography - but go and apply the principles and rules to most of the shots on the site and see where that gets you...

With regards to the rules - I don't think that they are set by a person! It's what cultures and convention find pleasing - more axioms than rules really.

Lucky you if you have a father that doesn't do ordinary landscapes.

I don't agree however about LL. Most of their pictures are good, they have a good structure, in the American naturalist tradition.

Are they avant-garde? Landscape is not really about being so, unless you do urban environments, where tensions are palpable, and culture is in a flux. Is Nat Geo, better than that?

However as you notice, the article is really about what to teach, besides gear. Ph/phy is not about mechanics, assembling parts, as most seem to believe here. Therefore *not anything goes*.

So better choose some down to Earth rules that can improve one's *communication skills* from the start.

I could fight for the Triangle of Exposure, or Composition in Depth, but another Trivium is fine with me.

BTW LL is not so lame: theirs is a devilishly interesting paper about Oriental landscape art:


I am sure most here know v. little about.

My point however was still different: it was about having a punctus - pardon the pun.

In my picture it is a Beheading. So really *a Gesture*. Tones however contribute, and composition too: the head of the fish replaces that of the fishmonger.


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