Picking the ideal aspect ratios and other questions related to aspect ratios

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Re: Picking the ideal aspect ratios and other questions related to aspect ratios

AlbertInFrance wrote:

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AlbertInFrance wrote:

Simple answer.

Any camera has a fixed sensor size and format. A 24MP camera will likely have a 2:3 format
with 6,000 columns and 4,000 rows of pixels.

If you tell the camera you want to shoot square format it still shoots the same but in creating a JPEG it just leaves out 1,000 columns from each side. So a square image only uses 16MP. It will NEVER be able to create a square image with 24MP (ignoring things like image stitching from multiple exposures).

You could build a square sensor, but I don't know of any on the market. I just copied the following from the Hassleblad site as an example:

'Square (29 MPixel) or rectangular (39 MPixel) user selectable image formats. Square format automatically adds a crop mask to the image'

My own camera (Fuji X-E1) gives the option for shooting square, but all it does is adjust the viewfinder image and the JPEG output. The RAW is still rectangular.

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Every photograph is an abstraction from reality.

Right, but I think most people don't care all that much about the resolution. What's more important to you? The resolution itself or the image? You're going to be losing pixels anyways if you decide to crop the image especially if you print. So what's the real issue here?

Interesting comment that you made about the Fuji X-E1. So I just want to make sure that I understand you properly. If you select 1:1 ratio, the viewfinder will appear in a square format and the JPEG output is actually square right? 1:1 resolution? If you import the RAW into Lightroom or Photoshop, will the software recognize that there may be a 1:1 marker on it so that it'll just show the 1:1 overlay? Even if it doesn't, at least you've composed it and optimized it for 1:1 so when you do go and crop it, you won't necessarily crop out part of the image that you do want to keep.

Dunno. I use neither Lightroom nor Photoshop. From what I've heard LR defaults to 2:3 regardless of the actual image format, but I stand to be corected on that.

Yes. The X-E1 will show a square image in the V/F and produce a square JPEG. I'd guess that some other cameras have the same option.

What's important to me is the image I'll end up with. After 50 years of using all sorts of formats I'm quite capable of choosing my framing to suit my final print format. For example, in my pro still photographer days I usually shot 6x6 on a Hassleblad. Depending on client requirements prints would usually be any of 10x8, 6x8, 6x4 or 5x5. I'd occasionally use 35mm (2:3 format) with the same print options.

When I crop an image for my own use I choose the crop that suits my vision of the picture I'm creating. I don't arbitrarily decide to use square, or 2:3 or anything else. Then if I want prints I print to match the image.

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Every photograph is an abstraction from reality.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have 50 years worth of experience like you. I'm not sure if I can previsualize an image or take it in a way that will crop well into any aspect ratio. I suppose that's why I think it's very important especially for me to get it right in the camera in the first place so that I don't crop away precious pixels.

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