Why I'm wondering to switch to Canon after my experience with D600 + 24-70mm

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Re: Why I'm wondering to switch to Canon after my experience with D600 + 24-70mm

wint wrote:

I was reading this huge thread about switching to Canon:


I am relatively new to the Nikon but I had some unpleasant experiences that are making me think about trying Canon. I'll list:

1) The issue of oil / dust on the sensor. It's pretty clear to anyone who bought the D600 that will have to live with it forever. I do not want a camera that requires much maintenance.

You don't have to live with it for ever. Most say that it goes away after a while.

2) I had problems with SD card slot 2 on my D600. It just was not recognizing the card until I played with a key there and somehow allow the contact.

3) I bought a used 24-70mm. I know that was a mistake. But served to find out how many problems has this essential Nikkor lens: Zoom ring rubber loosing , "stiff" zoom and I'm still discovering more.

There are just as many problems with the Canon 24-70 (except maybe the new model which is horrendously expensive). Buying used is a risk with any brand. I was less than impressed with Canon service when I had issues with a 24-105 and they sent my lens back in a totally unuseable state. I personally have great confidence in the Nikon 24-70 lens - it's absolutely superb.

4) There are a lot of people that complain abot the colors Nikon cameras produces. I always thought the colors from Canon are more vivid, but I thought it was my mind. But recently I saw a lot of people drawing attention to it. So it's not just me.

The colours either camera produce are up to you. Personally I get gorgeous colours from Nikon.

It is clear to me that Nikon has a serious problem with the QC.
If it is clear to me that the 5D markIII gives me better IQ, AF, Colors, HIGH ISO, Radio Flashes etc, today for $ 800 more, I think, for FF beginners like me it is worth investing in Canon.

It isn't clear to me. There are plenty who consider the high ISO of the Nikons to be superior, they just don't use such strong noise reduction as the Canon. Personally I think the Nikon sensors are better than the Canon, but each to their own.

Just saying one brand is better than another is unrealistic.

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