Tram restore.

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Re: Tram restore.

Mr B,

I do love trams and similar engineering of a proper kind.  Where is that one then?  Is it the tram museum/park in The Peak District?  I once spent a whole day there happily fondling the engineering whilst the ladywife tutted and mentioned that the shops were shutting soon. Unfortunately I had no camera with me.

As to the highlight blowing, the best strategy (and the easiest) is to use RAW and underexpose by 1 -2 EV, sufficient to make the highlights realistically bright but without blowing them.  Because RAW is data rich you can turn the exposure up in underexposed shadows & midtones (which will be many) using the RAW software, without posterisation, colour-bleaching and similar effects becoming evident.

You can so-underexpose with 8bit camera jpeg files; but any raising of the exposure in software will degrade the image very quickly.

SirLataxe, wondering if you have any more tram pics?

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