Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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Re: From someone who has both OMD and GH3

Two more observations from the OP (me):

1.  My (AF) shooting style is to have a very small focus box locked in the middle of the viewfinder, put the box on what I want to be in-focus (I do a lot of shooting with very wide apertures, hence shallow DOF), push the shutter halfway to focus and lock, then move the camera to compose the picture as I actually want it in the viewfinder.  Push shutter fully.

On the G1, GH2, and GH3 setting that up is easy, intuitive, and fast.  I still can't do it on the OM-D, although I can get close.  The focus box is too large for my liking and it seems there are still situations under which the OM-D will decide that what I'm trying to focus on is not what I should focus on, and will move the box off-center.

2.  The quality of the OM-D jpegs (and the lack thereof of the GH3's, along with general issues with Apple's Aperture and RAW processing) become apparent when importing photos in from either camera.

When importing RAW, Apple's Aperture (like most (all?)) raw processors will first use the in-file preview JPEG to show the picture until it processes the raw image enough to provide you with a preview "cooked" out of the raw data.

On the GH3 the resulting effect is a) See not so great rendition of the original picture, b) Suddenly the picture "pops" and becomes much richer, details,etc. as Aperture renders a nice preview out of the raw data.  So crappy picture->"pop!" Much better picture.

On the OM-D the resulting effect is a) See a really nice and pleasing picture, b) Suddenly it "pops" and becomes much worse, with washed-out colors and a "flat appearance."  So really nice picture>"Pop!" Much worse picture.

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