RX100 Belt Case Roundup

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Re: RX100 Belt Case Roundup

2eyesee wrote:

Umm.... I have a rather embarrassing confession to make here.

After being convinced that a belt case was best for my needs and spending all this time looking for the best one, I now find myself the happy owner of the official Sony jacket case!

I kept finding myself having to remove the belt case for things like getting in and out of the car, so was ending up using a shoulder strap anyway a lot of the time. So I thought I might as well be using the jacket case, which I find much more convenient than having to extract the camera and slide the wrist strap on each time I think about taking a photo.

The camera also handles much better in my hands. Even with Richard Franiec's grip the RX100 felt too slippery in my big hands.

I think for many of us actual use tells us what we need to know, and it might not what we thought beforehand. I went from wrist strap to neck strap after realizing I didn't want to extract the camera and slide on the wrist strap each time either.

So the Franiec grip works with the Sony jacket case, or did you remove it?

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