Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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From someone who has both OMD and GH3

I really wanted to like the OM-D and I was amazed at the configurability of the camera.  Once I had it though I found that this came at the expense of ease of use.  For example, with longer lenses you almost have to use the grip.  But the first time I had to change a battery while shooting birds I was very unhappy.  Sure, on the kitchen table it's easy, when you're standing in mud it's another thing entirely.

And that is just one example; the focus box is yet another.  And MySets... cool idea, but you have to go menu diving every time you want to change a configured setting.

Yes, color rendition between the two is also different, in subtle ways.  But that is all changeable in your processing software, when I import into Capture One every image is automatically optimized the way I want it anyway.  No real difference (other than a one time setup) between the OM-D and GH-3.

Suffice it to say I was more comfortable with the GH-3 in one day than I was with the OM-D in 6 weeks.  And yes, I read the manuals.

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