Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

fakuryu wrote:

miles green wrote:

Some very interesting options you gave me. In the context I just described (DOF and bookeh) I will rule out every other small sensor.

I will rule out DSLR because of size.

The K01 seems a very sweet alternative but I believe it is almost the same size as an entry DSLR, still withou being one in the positive aspects, am I wrong?

Not really... it's shaped like a brick, granted, but you get that superb sensor, focus peaking, and compatibility with 4 centuries of good and cheap lens. The xs 40 is sooo slim, and a very good performer (as has been shown here).

Isn't 400 years too long even for Pentax?

Samurais never left home without their katana swords and Pentax cameras..... didn't you know?

Sorry, make that 40 years! 

I like the b&w portrait, blur control worked very nicely here!


The Q is load of fun especially with the sharp 01 prime and the presets that you can do. Even with a 1/2.3" sensor, it does not have an AA filter and resolves more like a 1/1.7" sensor. Taken that your favorite subject is your daughter, the AF could a bit problematic in low light.

For the bokeh, if your subject could be still for a few seconds, the Blur Control menu gives fairly good results.

I agree with the rest, the K01 give tremendous value nowadays. With a DA 35 f/2.4, it is an awesome all around camera, is fast, great lowlight performer and has great IQ. Additionally the SMC-A 50mm primes can be had dirt cheap and goes well with focus peaking.

A friend's B&W shot using Blur Control

Still waiting for that wide angle prime

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It's not about the tool, its how you use it

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