Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

glpsace wrote:

Thank you all very much for your wise advice.

I´ve been reading a lot more and forgot a very important aspect for candids. DOF and bookeh!

Because of the small sensor it will be very hard in this chapter, even with the 01 at f/1.9, don´t you agree?

Some very interesting options you gave me. In the context I just described (DOF and bookeh) I will rule out every other small sensor.

I will rule out DSLR because of size.

The K01 seems a very sweet alternative but I believe it is almost the same size as an entry DSLR, still withou being one in the positive aspects, am I wrong?

Plus it is only sold with the usual entry kits lens or body. If I want a prime for portraits like the Limited DA 40, I don´t believe that I can afford both.

Really don´t know what to do. Like the Nex but even the older ones are quite expensive for me. The NEX 5N or 5R seem fantastic with stellar reviews ( can´t tell the difference between both "models") but I´m not sure if I will be abble to afford them.

Now I really don´t know what to do.

Thank you


I wouldn't worry too much about DOF: even with large sensor cameras, you will need to invest in some seriously expensive lenses to get the razor thin DOF that some people seem to like. Honestly, shallow DOF is not the only success factor for a portrait (you can see some superb Pentax Q portraits right here on this page).

If you go for NEX, I would not bother with the 5R at all (it is a very minor iteration). A second hand 5N or a (soon to be discounted) F3 will be absolutely fine for your needs. The F3 basically comes with the sensor in the 5N/5R and it has a very useful built-in flash as a bonus. Keep checking for offers and discounts.

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