Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

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Re: Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

NDaniel wrote:

Greg Nold wrote:

The good news is that I drive by this field all the time and can do this shot over any time there is a pretty sky behind it... and I'll make sure I'll have my tripod with me as well!

Any comments are appreciated... this has never happened to me before. Thanks!

Sometimes I do experienced the same thing, but for me turning a little bit of the focus ring work great, and that I do while hand held, when you always have tripod with you, it will be much easier, turning it until the picture clear in your view finder


Haha, what, manuallyfocus?    I know, and you are right!  That's another thing I thought of after I had driven away, why I didn't just manually focus the camera.  One of my biggest challenges as an 'experienced beginner' is using my head when I need it most.  I'm getting better with that, but can still make the biggest blunders when the pressure is on to get a good photo.

Thanks, and I appreciate your input! 

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