D600: Exposure difference between LV and Viewfinder

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: D600: Exposure difference between LV and Viewfinder

Rudy_from_Canada wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

I discovered and discussed this in an earlier thread and other people confirmed the behavior. I found Live view metering to be much more reliable, but not practical because of the slow focus speed.

Thanks Daniel - I'll look for that thread. In the meanwhile, I've changed my centre-weighting to use an 8mm spot, which should hopefully help.

I ended up using spot metering and reframing after having very unreliable results with Nikon's "matrix" metering.  I expected, from it's description, it would work like Canon's "evaluative" metering, which is supposed to compare a scene from a database of scenes and make an intelligent guess at metering.  This worked fairly well on my Canon 7D, but the Nikon D600 overcompensates for small bright or dark areas in the frame, and over or underexposes.  The overcompensation is worst when one of these bright or dark spots ends up under a focus point, but it can happen even if they are on the edge of the frame (bright light in corner, for example.)  In one case, I was posing a large group of people (20) and the metering would vary 2 EV, just by people changing positions in the group, and therefore different tones ending up under focus points.  Switching to Live view greatly decreases this tendency.  For posed group shots now, one technique I've had good luck with is to get the correct focus...then lock focus by switching to manual focus, then switch to Live view for the exposure...or go to full manual exposure.

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