Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: So many viewfinders; all have their merits.

coudet wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

coudet wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

Absolutely agree. Any camera without a builtin viewfinder is severely crippled.

..and not worth buying.

Errr... "Any" camera? That's a bit of a sweeping statement, isn't it?

Did you mean to reply to me, and not to GodSpeaks? If your reply was indeed meant for me, it's my choice, viewfinder is a must-have and I won't buy a camera without one.

There are many cameras of older form still sold that work exclusively with a rear screen for a viewfinder, and I'm sure their buyers think they purchased worthwhile photographic instruments.

Undoubtedly. But, not relevant to my post you've replied to.

If you use or endorse the term "any camera" you have, as Leonard has pointed out, opened the argument up to include ANY camera! Please don't blame me if you made or endorsed a more sweeping statement than intended.

Indeed, what is a suitable viewfinder for different shooting tasks is an important consideration, and it is NOT wrong to open it up.

For instance, the fact that TTL (SLR) finders shut down at the precise moment of exposure make them less suitable for many subjects, portraiture for one, which is why the twin lens reflex cameras continued for many years in that application.

How about optical finders which are NOT TTL? (Tunnel kind, including albada type, also known as 'bright line' finder.)

Here I am referring to those cameras known as "rangfinders". Parallax apart, they work well enough with mid-length lenses at normal shooting distances, but provide an achingly small view of the details in wide angle shots (only general outlines of the subject masses are visible)...

.... and an even smaller view of anything at all when masked down for tele shots...

.... so much so that cameras like the Leica are rarely used with a lens that's longer than 135mm.

Would I use an LCD display in preference to this kind of much compromised eye-level one?

The answer is definitely YES.. with the proviso that I'd like a tripod for longer lens shooting, making two hands available for keeping the light off the LCD. With wide angle shooting I can manage without the tripod... I'll be looking over the top of the camera if I want to see any additional detail, thank you.

There is no universally BEST kind of viewfinder... and there isn't a universally worst one, either.

A little more objectivity would do no harm here.

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