Will Nikon improve D800 Liveview with firmware?

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Re: What comes to my mind ...

gl2k wrote:

1.) If you are so serious about landscape photography and looking not only for the very best IQ but also for great handling and operating why didn't you rent the D800 for a week and "try before you buy" ? I would never shell out that amount of money for a camera not having tested it meticulously.

2.) Many professional can live with those annoyances and even make a living of working with the D800. How bad can it be ?

3.) Why is Canons alleged lesser DR a problem for you ? You are using a tripod therefore you can shoot at ISO 100 where the difference in DR is negligible. Again, many pros are using Canon, why shouldn't it be good enough for you ?

I deliberately didn't went into your arguments since this is like arguing about why the sun rises day after day in the east. It is what it is and will never change.

I would understand your post if you had added the note that you simply wanted to "vent and rant". Unfortunately you are asking for advice (do you ?) and warming up an old issue that Nikon couldn't care less and will never attempt to remedy (or modify).

No offense. This is just my very personal observation and opinion.

True. I should have assumed the rave reviews were from people who don't push the limits of their gear the way I do. Renting would have sufficed, but I hate renting beat up crappy gear. I like knowing how things are new. I'm not out much more money regardless.

What makes you think I am nota full-time professional landscape photographer?

These differences DO make a difference in how I make my living. Just as stated above in regards to studio photography.

Difference in DR negligible at ISO 100? What universe do you live in? I would like to live there too! LoL

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