Where is the 1080p 120fps?

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Re: Where is the 1080p 120fps?

Francis Carver wrote:

jbwong wrote:

okay, for consumer camera there are gopro3, LX7 and FZ200 which can record 720p 120fps app. 110megapixels/s

He-he-he, you must be joking with that 110Mb/sec bitrate, right? Maybe 20Mbit. sec, right?

there is also 1080p 60fps for most compacts and dslr which is roughly 124mp/s, 1080p 120 fps should be about 248mp/s

Another clever joke, since when is 20 or even 28Mbit/sec suddenly becomes 124Mbit/second? Where are you coming up with these numbers from, I wonder?

BTW, I never heard of anyone counting anything in MegaPIXELS per second until just now. Novel.

so technically is it possible to see 1080p 120fps in cameras like LX8/FZ300 etc?

i am really excited to see some compact cameras which can record upto 240fps at HD or even full HD.

Good luck with whatever you are even talking about.

just saying there might be enough technology to create such a compact camera that records high definition video in 240fps or even higher, which can produce relatively close* performance like FS700 in bright light situations

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